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Cinema 4D

There Is none but one! digital photo & video from Overlord X aka Mr X showing tutorials, how to, tips & advice, multimedia, photo retouch, camera equipment, camera lens, photoshop, final cut pro and more

Bro is a magazine website headed by Mr X bringing an exciting spin to the multimedia industry for newbies. learn new skills in photography camera equipment, video editing fx, photo manipulation etc
Tags: photography, video, camera equipment, photoshop, software, hardware, apple mac, computers, lens, camera lens, overlord x, tips, advice, video tutorials for beginners, final cut pro, tutorials, behind the scenes, how to, wacom tablet, the most high, lord v, adobe after effects, cinema 4d, nikon, cannon, jvc, hd, 1080p, gear, grips, jibs,

Links der 3D Welt - Links und Lexikon aus dem 3D Bereich.

Links der 3D Welt. Informationen zu 3D Software und Lexikon mit begriffen aus dem 3D Bereich.
Tags: 3D Software, 3D Links, Links, 3D, Tutorials, Lexikon, 3D Lexikon, 3ds max, Cinema 4D, Blender, ZBrush

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